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Once you have decided to explore British Columbia’s wild but civilized coast, we recommend that you carry a guidebook. These are indispensable for safe navigation and for finding the best places to anchor. Likewise, publications provide detailed information about places to visit and routes to take. We recommend the following publications and guidebooks.


Northwest boat travel guide

Northwest Boat Travel

For 39 years, Northwest Boat Travel cruising guidebook has been a staple of Pacific Northwest recreational boaters. Get detailed information on ports-of-call, anchorages, bays, inlets, waterways, marine parks, marina & resort facilities, fuel docks, services and things to see and do along the coasts and islands of Washington, British Columbia, and Southeast Alaska.


Small Books guide

Peter Vassilopoulos Cruising Guides

Peter’s guides provide detailed information on facilities, waterways, anchorages, destinations and facts covering all parts of the Pacific Northwest. The guides take the recreational boater from Puget Sound to the southern tip of Alaska’s panhandle, page after page through the waters of Washington and British Columbia. The guides are filled with data, diagrams, photographs and numerous aerial views.