Find Your Berth: BC Marinas & Harbours

There are over 200 marinas and Small Craft Harbours on the British Columbia coast and islands. Approximately 160 of them welcome transient boaters. You will find those in our Directory below and as you explore the regions of our coast on this website. In an emergency, any facility will take you in.

Some facilities take advanced reservations. Most will take same-day reservations. Phone numbers and VHF channels are provided for facilities when you search for a specific facility. The policy of almost all facilities is to find a berth for all travellers, but that may involve rafting during the peak season.

Gibsons Marina
Moorage at Gibsons Landing

The BC marina and harbour directory is organized by region and sub-region. If you are unfamiliar with the BC coast, we recommend you begin planning your trip by using the maps and search tools under the Explore menu option.

Private and community-run marinas are the most likely to admit you and take a reservation. Small Craft Harbours (SCH) are mandated to support the marine industry and coastal safety. None take reservations. Generally, SCH have fewer amenities. If you enjoy the feel of a small working harbour, we recommend them.

Aerial view of Ganges, Salt Spring Island
Aerial view of Ganges, Salt Spring Island

The array of services at marinas varies. Use the marinas and SCH profiles to identify what each offers. Visit the links to nearby communities for things to do ashore. Many marinas cater to specific types of travellers and travel needs. Many offer marine and terrestrial recreation activities. Some offer land accommodation. Many cater to families or fishermen of both. Some, especially the resort marinas, offer dining that features local products and catches.

Click on a facility name to view features and services.