British Columbia is a safe place for a boating vacation. There are no pirates and usually your boat is secure at any of our marinas or harbours. To help you plan a safe, environmentally benign, culturally sensitive voyage, we provide some tips and links to important information in this section.

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  • Buying a Boat

    Buying a Boat

    A Boat Buyers’ Guide. Buying a boat (or yacht) is a major purchase. It can be confusing and even stressful. Find advice on making the right purchase for you.

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  • Safe Navigation

    Safe Navigation

    Enjoying your boating holiday in safety is our priority. The need for precaution increases in more remote regions. Navigational challenges vary across British Columbia’s coastal regions.

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  • Get Your Boating License (PCOC)

    Get Your Boating License (PCOC)

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  • Reporting to Customs

    Reporting to Customs

    Entering Canada by boat carries the same obligations to report to a Canada Customs agent as at road or airport entry points.

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  • Fishing Regulations

    Fishing Regulations

    We hope you will catch finfish and shellfish during your boating holiday. Fishing is good everywhere, but gets better in remote areas. You don’t have to travel far for excellent fishing.

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  • Travel in First Nations Traditional Territories

    Travel in First Nations Traditional Territories

    My name is Candace Campo, I am a member of the shíshálh Nation, and my ancestral name is xet’semíts’a (to always be there).

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  • Marine Environmental Stewardship Ethics

    Marine Environmental Stewardship Ethics

    Leave nothing but your wake. One of the most treasured features of boating in BC is the health of the marine and terrestrial ecosystems.

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