Explore our Seas and see Humpback Feeding. Blackfish Sound
Explore Our Seas: Humpback Feeding, Blackfish Sound
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Explore from the Water

Water is an essential part of Northern Vancouver Island and has shaped the landscape, cultures, residents and wildlife. Exploring the wild open spaces of the region will inadvertently take you into local waters. A local fishing guide will provide a once in a lifetime opportunity to fish in the pristine waters of the diverse ocean environment, or slow down by kayaking and get an appreciation of local wildlife from a whole new perspective or explore islands that are only accessible by boat. Learning from a local guide and seeing the majestic gentle giants that roam our waters will give you a new appreciation for the incredible environment of Vancouver Island North, its scenery, its inhabitants and its residents.

Regardless of season, this part of Vancouver Island offers something for everyone. So take the opportunity to connect with your inner kid as you take on one of Vancouver Island North’s outdoor activities. Explore some of the world’s best cold water diving, take a fishing charter, observe the array of marine mammals, view Grizzly bears in their natural habitat, or just enjoy the stunning scenery.

Join guided tours or multi day excursions that could include sleepovers in rustic campgrounds, comfortable base camps or luxurious resorts hidden away on remote islands. If the slower pace is more your speed, local beaches and forest walks will take you along rocky shorelines with driftwood, or wild open spaces.

If you are all about the water and want to know what is below your boat, make sure to keep an eye out for the “Northern Residents” and Transient Orcas and Humpback Whales. While the whales are most celebrated, this region is also home to large numbers of acrobatic Pacific white-sided dolphins and the world’s largest sea lion species, the Steller sea lions. There is always something to see in the water as Minke whales, Pacific harbour seals, Dall’s and harbour porpoise, and a prodigious array of seabirds call this region home.

While the waters around this area are spectacular, grizzly bears thrive not far from the north island in the Great Bear Rainforest, the largest intact coastal temperate rainforest in the world. Cute cubs and towering adult bears spend the May to October season feeding on sedge grasses, seaweed, shellfish and salmon at the edges of Smith, Seymour and Knight Inlets on the BC mainland. Embark on the trip of a lifetime from Port Hardy and Telegraph Cove by air in a float plane or helicopter or by water in a modern cabin cruiser accompanied by naturalist guides. Cameras and binoculars are essential at sea or when travelling in safari-style overland rides to foraging grounds.

We invite you to visit our region and spend time exploring our communities. Stock up on your essentials while exploring maritime towns and villages. Residents are proud to share their home with visitors from near and far and we encourage you to learn about the history and culture of the land and people. We ask that you venture with care when visiting our communities, businesses, Indigenous communities, forests and oceans so this place can be nurtured for generations to come.