Choosing a boat

Sometimes the choice of Charter company or Sailing/boating school is a matter of choice of boat you will be on.

  • Are you a family group or group of friends wanting instruction while exploring the BC waters? You will need to choose a school or charter company with a boat (sail or power) large enough and with sufficient sleeping accommodation for the number of persons aboard. Don’t forget to ensure the instructor/skipper has a berth too. And how about toilet facilities (heads)? Do you need one or two? In some cases, bigger is better! Think RV on the water… camper van or large motorhome? And then there’s the cost: you’ll pay more for the larger vessel with more amenities and equipment!
  • Are you an individual or couple wanting to learn to sail to eventually charter or buy a boat? Do you want to sail offshore someday? Check out the Sailing schools with a boat that approximates the size you would want to own or charter. Smaller boats are usually easier to handle for beginner sailors. Charter companies may also have smaller sail or power boats that could work for an instructional charter.
  • Do you have boating experience and would like to cruise in a different boat? A catamaran? A trawler-type power boat? Or…? Check out the charter fleet, choose your boat and ask for a Skipper-instructor to accompany you on this voyage of discovery!
Approaching False Narrows at slack tide
Approaching False Narrows

Choosing an Instructor / School

All instructional charters and sailing school courses are tailored to the client needs and preferences. CRYA affiliated charter companies & schools offer professional and personalized sailing or power boating instruction to adventurous adults and families who want to realize their dream of exploring BC’s beautiful coastline and marine parks by boat.

Check out the Schools & Instructors page to choose the Charter company or Sailing School that will best cater to YOU! Do you prefer an instructor with offshore experience? With sailboat racing experience? A woman instructor? Someone who is good with children/youth? Check out your Instructor’s credentials on their website or blog.

The home base (marina) where the School or Charter company is located might be the determining factor in choosing your preferred school. Do you want to sail out of Comox? Nanaimo? Victoria? Vancouver? Picturesque Genoa Bay or Silva Bay? YOU choose!

Boating is for everyone! We make learning fun!