Nothing Feels Better Than A Good Pump-out

At AHOY BC, we get requests for where to find a pump-out station. Boaters want to use them, but there are not enough of them and their distribution has gaps. So, it is great news that Maple Bay Marina, in partnership with the Municipality of North Cowichan and the Maple Bay Community Association, opened a new pump-out facility at the marina. This new pump-out system provides boaters with an environmentally responsible way to discharge waste and protect our world-class waters.

The service is available during the regular operating hours of the Fuel Dock. Boaters can hail the marina on 66A when they are in Maple Bay and are approaching the Marina for service. At a cost of$5.00 / pump-out, being a steward of the environment is cheap.

Maple Bay Marina General Manager, David Messier says, “As a proud 5-anchor “Clean Marina” certified by the Georgia Straight Alliance Clean Marina Program, we are excited to work with our partners to offer the new pump-out service and demonstrate our ongoing commitment to protecting the spectacular boating environment we love so much.”

AHOY BC is a proud supporter of Clean Marine Program.

Maple Bay Marina is a full service destination marina, open year round and offering a broad scope of services supporting boaters in the Canadian Gulf Islands and the East Coast of Vancouver Island in the Salish Sea.


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