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US Boaters Guide

US Boater’s Guide

British Columbia Welcoming Back US Boaters! Beginning August 9th, 2021, fully vaccinated foreign nationals who meet certain criteria can enter Canada for discretionary travel. For now, this applies to US citizens and permanent residents, with international visitors potentially welcome as of September 7th. Traveller requirements Check if you qualify for the fully vaccinated traveller exemption… Read more »

boat bc responsibly

How to Explore BC’s Coastline Responsibly

Top 10 Tips for Responsible Boating As travel through British Columbia’s coastal waters resumes, it is important to monitor current travel restrictions and remember to boat responsibly. By dedicating ourselves to exploring the coastal waters of BC responsibly, we can all stay safe, protect communities and ensure that marine lands and waterways stay pristine for… Read more »

Discovery Islands Welcomes Boaters

Explore British Columbia’s Discovery Island By Alison Gardner At the north end of the Salish Sea, the seascape between British Columbia’s mainland and the east coast of Vancouver Island narrows dramatically, filled to capacity with a cluster of 10 Discovery Islands. All but two are cloaked in evergreen forests almost to their shores while offering… Read more »